About Us

About the Founder
Keith Bloomfield, Founder and Director of Excellence IT, always had a keen interest in IT. After his Training he moved directly into the Service area of IT, managing IT projects and developing compatible Project Outlines for Small to Medium Business. He then took his next step in creating Excellence IT with the aim to become an excellence Service provider for small to medium business.

Who We Are
Excellence IT was formed in 2006 by its founder Keith Bloomfield.
At the time of Excellence ITs inception, having gained 16 years experience on the ground, Keith knew that the theory of how it all should work could often be very different from the actual issues that a business might face in the real world of their IT Set Up. He knew that not every business is the same and they all have their own needs.

With that in mind Keith put together a team of specialized technicians that would provide all of the different services required on a day to day basis by a business, to make their IT set up work for them.

Our Areas Of Expertise
We are professional level service providers for the day to day running of your IT setup, and Project Managing your long term IT infrastructure.

We are experts in the areas of Computer Network Consulting, IT Managed Services, Computer Hardware Networking, Computer Network Management, Workgroup Computer Solutions and we offer a range of services related to Server Applications, Web Hosting, Computer Security, Data storage, Retrieval and Maintenance and Remote Access Solutions.

As we provide a service in Information Technology, we are constantly aware of how quickly advancements can change the way things are done.

Each and every day we find:

  • Something new is unveiled,
  • A previous model updated,
  • A new may of doing something is made known,
  • A free software update is released,
  • An older product becomes discontinued,
  •  A new technology becomes more affordable,


  • A new idea is demonstrated


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