Over the last two months we have been finding that some people are delaying attention to maintenance of their hardware and software, resulting in equipment needing to be replaced RATHER than repaired.

This can end up being far more costly than COST EFFECTIVE;

  • If a computer system is freezing, a hard reset (pushing the reset button or unplugging the power) is not the answer.  Constant hard resets can cause damage to the hard drive and corruption of data.
  • Unknown software popping up during start up and random times through out the day warning you of infections can be a rogue spyware program trying to scam your personal details.
  • If you are running a wireless network, our experience has shown that over 50% of wireless networks are unsecured and allow any passer by to explore the network.
  • If your computer is cutting out due to the heat, your processor fans may need maintenance or you may need more fans added.
  • The computer can be laboured by problems that could be avoided by regular software updates.

Swift attention to maintenance issues and resolving any issues as soon as they are spotted, will save you money directly on equipment and also save you far more by avoiding loss of time and /or loss of data.

Please contact us if you have any areas of concern regarding your equipment:
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About Excellence IT

As we provide a service in Information Technology, we are constantly aware of how quickly advancements can change the way things are done.

Each and every day we find:

  • Something new is unveiled,
  • A previous model  updated,
  • A new way of doing something is made known,
  • A free software update is released,
  • An older product becomes discontinued,
  • A new technology becomes more affordable,
  • A new idea is demonstrated.

Because we have such a good & long standing history with the top manufacturers & distributors of products (and services), we find out about the latest and greatest advances quite sometime before they become commonly known about & understood.

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