You may have asked yourself why do I need to outlay money to have ongoing IT services?

Shortly after the inception of Excellence IT, we saw the need for proactive computer actions as opposed to only performing reactive measures. Our ongoing customers signed up to be a part of our service agreements and very shortly after that they could see the benefits financially.

If you think about your car, you service it every 6 months and find that you prevent upcoming problems that would end up costing you much more money. Most probably you regularly check the oil, radiator etc.  You are being proactive by maintaining your car as opposed to having to suddenly pay a larger sum of money to urgently repair a major fault. Excellence IT offers service agreements for monitoring, maintenance and support. In many cases our clients take up all three. Please find the details below on service agreements for Monitoring, Maintenance & Support.


Monitoring Maintenance Support- Remote Support-On-Site




This is where we install software onto the computer(s) that report to our technicians the health and stability of systems.
It allows us to be very active should something appear and we can contact you about attendance sooner than regular monthly scheduled work.
A review is performed on the equipment to confirm what needs to be monitored. Pricing is available after an inspection.
Regular service actions are performed on the computers from operating system updates, to virus checks, to verifying the backup and restoring some files to test, and reviewing event logs.
We review 10 areas customised for the type of computer whether it is a server or workstation.
Works are offered at a discounted rate for a 12 month planned maintenance approach which can be increased or decreased as the business needs dictate without any penalty.
As part of our maintenance proposal we include at a minimum of one hour support each month at no extra charge. The included support is delivered remotely and can be used on workstations, servers or general support assistance from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Depending on the organisation, the equipment in use and the staff operating, more support may be required and with this in mind we have an option of pre-purchasing support.

Additional support used for remote support, phone support or email ticket support is purchased, used and tracked as points.
Where 60 points costs $120, and for general 9AM to 5PM support, points are used at a rate of one point per minute.
To track usage we provide access to our online system to determine the usage during the month and balance remaining.
Onsite support can be purchased in addition to remote support for onsite delivery (and must be purchased in conjunction with a Maintenance package). This includes the following:
*Travel Costs billed at the end of month (as used)
*One invoice at the end of the month for all support / labour
*Remote support is used in 1 minute increments and is the same cost for all types of support (remote / email / phone support)
*Top up remote / offsite / phone / email support as required
*Topped up support does not expire
*Additional Free Support automatically renewed each month
*Pre-purchased onsite labour is discounted from normal rates
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